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          Row Crop Tractors

          See the 6 Series row crop tractors

          6 Series Row Crop Tractors

          145 to 250 hp. Throttle up a 6 Series tractor to meet any need, from baling hay to snow removal, and from commercial mowing to municipal applications. Row crop and hay producers won't find a more versatile tractor. 

          See the 7R Series  row crop tractor

          7R Series Tractors

          210 to 310 engine hp. The 7R Series Tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating. Couple that with the FT4 engine and the efficiency features found on IVT and e23™ transmissions, and theses tractors are an excellent choice in transport applications such as silage or manure hauling because they provide fast acceleration and low total fluid economy.

          See the 8R/8RT Series

          8R/8RT Series Tractors

          245 to 400 engine hp. The 8R/8RT Series Tractors are world-class machines designed to provide the hydraulic capacity and horsepower to handle large planters and implements. Powered by the PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L engine, the 8R is a champion in the field, delivering uncompromised performance while meeting Tier 4 emission requirements.

          Buy Parts

          Look up parts using John Deere parts catalogs. View parts diagrams and parts prices.

          FT4 Emissions Technology

          FT4 Emissions Technology

          Our integrated approach to meeting Final Tier 4 regulations allows us to focus the performance of the engine on its power, torque, efficiency, and responsiveness, rather than just emissions compliance.

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